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Goal Quest Games TM
Goal Hero (TM) from Goal Quest Games
Turn a Wish into a Goal.

We've published the second game in our series!

Our first game, Strengths and Troubles TM: The Wellness Board Game helps players to realize their strengths. Our new game prepares them to set personal goals..

Goal HeroTM is a Role-Playing Game, an RPG adventure where players go on a quest. That quest is to turn Green the Meeple's wish into a goal. A meeple is a people token for game play. Green, our meeple in Goal Hero, has a problem and a fervent wish.

The power of a Role-Playing Game
    Players in an RPG:
  1. Take the perspectives of others.
  2. Use creative problem-solving skills.
  3. Communicate and collaborate.
In Goal Hero, players go on a goal-setting adventure. But they're not setting their own goal, they're helping Green the Meeple set a goal.

Why help Green the Meeple set a goal?

    One of Green's wishes launches the quest to set an effective goal. As players go forth with Green's wish, three things are happening:
  1. The players have some distance and privacy.
    Players can remain objective and are not put on the spot revealing or defending their own personal goals. As one player said, "I'm not nervous working on Green's goal, but I'll still be thinking about mine."
  2. The adventure provides an exercise in empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  3. As players work out Green's goal they learn the important elements of goal setting in a fun, non-threatening way.
One of Green's wishes launches the Quest. Once again the Wellness Dimensions play a part!

Here's a description from the
Welcome to the Goal Hero Adventure!

In this game players form a party of Allies to come to the aid of their friend, Green the Meeple. A Game Master guides the adventure printed in this handbook.

Green has a problem and a secret wish. That wish needs to be transformed into a Golden Goal! Playing your role of Ally, you'll lead Green through explorations in the Realm of Possibilities. Fun and danger await as Green learns what it takes to set a Golden Goal.

Open this handbook to begin the adventure!

Click the box for an enlarged view.
    Included in the box:
  • The Game Master's Handbook
  • A Bag of Dice
  • Adventure Logs
  • Role Cards
  • The "Realm of Possibilities" Map
  • Adventure Gear Tokens
  • Green the Meeple!

Goal Hero is a fun, cooperative Role-Playing Game for two to five players.

premiered at the iNAPS Annual Conference in San Diego on October 21, 2019.

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