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Strengths and Troubles TM

New Rules for a Cooperative Version

We're happy to present this alternative way to play.
Strengths and TroublesTM can be played as a traditional competitive game or in this new way.

You'll want to decide whether your group would prefer the competitive or cooperative (team) style. Or try playing it one way and then the other!

One thing to note is that when playing the cooperative version, a game will take less time to finish.

In the original, competitive game each player chooses their own token. It's easy to switch to the new, cooperative version where you use only one token, the "Team Token", which all players move. Yes, there's only one token moving along the path on the board and all the players are rooting for their teammates on each turn! So, review the original rules and make these simple changes to play team-style!

Strengths and TroublesTM
Cooperation Rules
Set Up
Choose a Team Token and place it just off the board, close to square 1.
Put the other tokens back in the box.

Taking turns, each player spins and steps the Team Token the indicated number of spaces, completing all the actions indicated on the board.
Everybody wins when the Team Token lands on the 100 space by exact count.