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Two New Sets of Green's
Wellness Wishes

Extra Wishes Set A

  • 1   Spiritual Wellness - Green says, "I have a friend who calls herself spiritual and I know other people who are very religious. I wish I understood spirituality."
  • 2  Environmental Wellness - Green says, "There are three abandoned houses on my street that are being used for crime. I wish my neighborhood was safer."
  • 3   Emotional Wellness - Green says, "My marriage is unhappy. I wish my spouse and I could get along."
  • 4   Physical Wellness - Green says, "I can't seem to get a good-night's sleep. I wish I could sleep better."
  • 5  Intellectual Wellness - Green says, "Everyone says, 'Just Google it.' and 'Email me.' But I don't know how. I wish I knew how to use a computer."
  • 6  Financial Wellness - Green says, "I'm able to pay my bills and make it day to day financially, but I worry about my future. I wish my future was more secure."
  • 7  Occupational Wellness - Green says, "I've had an interesting life and my friends say I tell really good stories. I wish I could write a book."
  • 8  Social Wellness - Green says, "I have many interests and hobbies but no one to share them with. I wish I belonged to a group."

Extra Wishes Set B

  • 1   Spiritual Wellness - Green says, "I live in a high-rise in the inner-city. I wish I had more nature in my life."
  • 2   Environmental Wellness - Green says, "I can never find what I'm looking for in my house because I have saved everything. I wish I wasn't overwhelmed by the mess."
  • 3   Emotional Wellness - Green says, "I work too much and don't take time for myself. I wish I could get more balance in my life."
  • 4   Physical Wellness - Green says, "I spent some time in the hospital bedridden and now don't have any muscle tone. I wish I was stronger."
  • 5  Intellectual Wellness - Green says, "It's a big problem when I need to read something because I never learned how. I wish I could read."
  • 6  Financial Wellness - Green says, "I have to buy money orders at the fast cash store. I wish I had a bank account."
  • 7  Occupational Wellness - Green says, "I love to listen to music and I think I understand rythym. I wish I could play a musical instrument."
  • 8  Social Wellness - Green says, "I don't have a good relationship with my family. I wish my family trusted me."

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