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Goal Quest Games TM
Goal Hero (TM) from Goal Quest Games
Turn a Wish into a Goal.

The Condensed Version

If you'd rather not play a full game of Goal HeroTM you can use this Condensed Version which should take about 40 minutes. This version gets the important points across and can be used by more than 5 participants.

No game equipment is needed. You'll skip through the Handbook using the outline, below. Participants will fill in the lines on their own copies of the Adventure Log in order. None of the items above the Wellness Dimensions apply in this version.

There are two optional pages in the outline. Include them if you have time.

Condensed Version Outline

  • Begin on Page 7, "The Wellness Wish." Show the participants Green the Meeple and then select Green's wish. Circle the Wellness Dimension and record Green's Wish on the Log.

  • Page 8, "The Ancient Library," read the red text in the first half of the Page aloud. Discuss Green's Intention and record it on the Log.

  • Page 9, "Inside the Library," read all the red text aloud, discuss and record Green's Achievable Goal.

  • Page 12, "Down in the Lab," read the red text, discuss and record Green's New Benefits on the Log.

  • Page 15, [OPTIONAL] "A Voice in the Cave," discuss Resistance to Change. No logging is required.

  • Page 17, "The Blacksmith's Workshop," read the red text, discuss and record Measurement on the Log.

  • Page 19, [OPTIONAL] "In the Great Hall," discuss Supportive People. No logging is required.

  • Page 21, "The Center of the Maze," read the red text, discuss and record Timing on the Log.

  • Page 23, "Green Meets the Gardener," read the red text, discuss and record Green's First Action.

  • When you've finished, encourage the participants to take their Logs with them.

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