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Goal Quest Games TM

Strengths and Troubles TM


Walk the path of strength by showing your strengths and overcoming troubles with wellness tools.

You'll win Strengths and Troubles TM by making it from strength 1 to strength 100!

A game for two to five players. The Strengths and Troubles TM game board was inspired by the ancient game Snakes and Ladders. The Strengths and Troubles TM version adds two decks of cards to the board game. You'll move your token from space 1 to space 100 by spinning, drawing cards, sliding on arrows and sometimes jumping up.

Be sure to check out the simple rule changes for cooperative (team) style play found here.

Set Up
Remove the two Wellness Dimension cards from each deck and set aside for reference.
Shuffle each of the 2 decks and place them face down next to the board.
Each player's chosen token is placed just off the board and close to square 1.

The youngest player goes first. Turns move clockwise around the table.
In turn players spin and step their token the indicated number of spaces.
Notice that the spaces on the board are numbered in sequence. Follow the sequence.

Players must not nudge the spinner. They must make a strong spin that goes all the way around (360 degrees) before stopping on a number.

Players are allowed to move their token past other tokens and land on spaces occupied by other tokens.

Many spaces on the board contain symbols.
Here's what to do when you land on one:

    The green-deck symbol is at the base of a Green Arrow. Don't rise up the arrow until you first:
  1. Draw a card from the green Strengths Deck.
  2. Read the card aloud.
  3. Answer the card and then slide your token up to the top of that Green Arrow.

    The trouble symbol is at the top of a Trouble Arrow.
  1. First, slide your token down that Blue Arrow.
  2. You'll land on the blue-deck symbol.
  3. Then, draw a card from the blue Troubles Deck.
  4. Read the card aloud and answer the card.
  5. Finally, continue your turn. These cards give you the options: Move along 3 spaces or spin.

    The icons represent Wellness Dimensions.
  1. Name a wellness goal for that dimension to get a strength boost.
  2. Jump your token up one row.
    (See the included page of definitions for more about the Wellness Dimensions.)

To win Strengths and Troubles TM a player's token must land on the 100 space by exact count.
Any roll that would move a token past 100 is not played. The player must wait until their next turn to try again.