Goal Quest Games TM

The Wellness Dimensions

While playing Strengths and Troubles TM you may land on an icon representing a Wellness Dimension.
Learning about the Eight Dimensions of Wellness can help you choose how to make wellness a part of your everyday life.
Physical Wellness

Maintaining a healthy body with healthy eating, exercise, sleep and appropriate health care.
Intellectual Wellness

Expanding your knowledge and creativity, staying curious and open to new ideas.

Emotional Wellness

Listening to your feelings and coping effectively with life.
Occupational Wellness

Finding personal satisfaction and engagement in your work, school or volunteering.

Spiritual Wellness

Discovering what values and beliefs are important to your sense of purpose and meaning in life.
Financial Wellness

Understanding your finances, establishing good money habits and planning for the future.

Environmental Wellness

Occupying safe, pleasant and stimulating surroundings that support well-being.
Social Wellness

Developing a sense of belonging, connecting with a reliable support system and creating satisfying relationships.