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Strengths and Troubles TM


"I was so happy to be able to experience your new game! I think that it provides positive interaction, communication, and offers possible suggestions to players who may not be as communicative as others. Strengths and Troubles is sure to be a hit and I look forward to future games which will complement it! Thanks for an intuitive and creative game!"
— Kimberly D. Aguinaga, Program Supervisor, MCCMH First Resources and Treatment North
"I think Strengths and Troubles is highly marketable for our population. I think that this first prototype would allow for clients to identify their strengths, which is a difficult area for our clients to venture into. It is playful yet productive. Great job. I love it and think that it would be extremely helpful in an individual and group setting."
— Keri Murphy, BA, Case Manager II
"Strengths and Troubles is very thought provoking and creative. It is so universal. It can be used by any mental health professional and non-mental health professional in any type of setting. It focuses on the individual's strengths and promotes coping strategies/problem-solving skills. It is a game of life."
— Greg Hughes, MS LLP, Therapist III/Clinical Supervisor
"...a few comments about your awesome project...Strengths and Troubles is a perfect format for self-discovery and socialization...enlightening, educational, and FUN!...brings creativity and conscience together."
— Marsha Reiber, CPSS
"I purchased Strengths and Troubles and use it at work. I work on an acute inpatient unit and the game has been a hit! I use it in my recovery skills group."
— Martha Barbone, Secretary, Board of Directors, International Association of Peer Supporters